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Introduction to Dr. Hulda Clark

5 May

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., was a remarkable scientist whose discoveries and inventions should be recognized as some of the most important ones ever made! She was classically-trained in the field of cellular biology, earning her Ph.D. way back in 1959. As an adjunct to this field of study, she was also very interested in physiology, the study of how living entities function.

During the course of her career, Dr. Clark made a remarkable discovery which should positively affect the health of every human being! She discovered that everything in the world, dead or alive, animate or inanimate, produces and emits a radio frequency or a range of radio frequencies. (Microscopic entities produce a single radio frequency, whereas larger entities produce a range of them.) She also discovered that all substances can be identified by the radio frequency or frequencies they emit.

Dr. Clark discovered these revelations with a device that she invented. She called it a syncrometer. Using this device, she could determine the composition of virtually everything in existence.

Analyzing substances based upon the radio frequency or frequencies they emit is many thousands of times more sensitive than any of the analytical methods used by mainstream scientists today. Because of this, Dr. Clark could identify substances much more quickly and much more accurately than other scientists could. She could also do so much more inexpensively.

Over the course of many years, Dr. Clark used her syncrometer to analyze virtually every disease afflicting humans and determine its cause. (Most are caused by either foreign invaders [viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.], or toxins, or a combination of both.) She discovered that by exterminating or removing those causes, she could cure virtually every disease. She and her son, Geoff, also invented a device which could easily exterminate many foreign invaders using a particular type of radio wave.

Because Dr. Clark did not want to wait the many years necessary for the mainstream medical research industry and government agencies to analyze and accept her revolutionary discoveries using their conventional methods (double-blind studies, etc.) because too many people (including the control groups in the studies) would needlessly suffer and die in the interim, she decided to make her discoveries known directly to anyone who was interested in learning them. She did so by authoring books detailing the causes of and the cures for particular diseases and publishing them herself.

In 1993, Dr. Clark published two books. One of them was entitled “The Cure For All Cancers.” This book detailed the basic causes of and the basic cures for all types of cancer. The other book was entitled “The Cure For HIV and AIDS.” This book did the same for these two diseases.

Because of Dr. Clark’s many years of research, she also possessed vast amounts of information regarding the causes of and the cures for many other diseases. This led her in 1995 to publish a book entitled “The Cure For All Diseases.” In this book she detailed the causes of and the cures for many diseases individually.

Because Dr. Clark possessed so much knowledge about how to cure so many diseases, she wanted to directly help individuals who needed it. However, because she was not a medical doctor, she was precluded from doing so in the United States. But she was not precluded from doing so in Mexico. So she established a clinic just over the border from her home in California. Over time, the only individuals whom she would accept as patients were ones upon whom the mainstream medical establishment had given up hope. Although she cured many of these individuals and saved their lives, she was unable to cure all of them because some of their diseases were too advanced.

Dr. Clark continued her research into the causes of diseases and the most effective methods for curing them. However, because so many individuals world-wide were contracting cancer, this is where she focused most of her efforts. As she discovered more and more information, she shared her discoveries by publishing books.

In 1999, she published “The Cure For All Advanced Cancers.”  In 2003, she revised her earlier book “The Cure For HIV and AIDS.” In 2004, she published “The Prevention Of All Cancers.” In 2007, she published “The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers.”

Many thousands of these books have been purchased and many thousands of individuals have cured or attenuated their diseases using them.

My name is Steven Swan and I have been studying and using Dr. Clark’s discoveries and revelations for many years to keep myself healthy. I have also used them to cure my own asthma and my own psoriasis.

If anyone would like information on hiring me to assist them in implementing Dr. Clark’s protocols to cure their own ailment or disease, he or she can go to my website located at www.drclarkconsultant.com.

I have  also updated the protocols for Dr. Clark’s earlier cures for asthma, psoriasis, eczema, epilepsy, and seizures based upon information she provided in her last cancer-curing book. These cure protocols are available at another website located at www.clarkupdates.com.