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Remove Kidney Stones Naturally by Dissolving Them

10 May

Most of the following information was provided by Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

Did you know that you can dissolve any kidney stones that might have accumulated in your kidneys naturally and return your kidneys back to optimum effectiveness? This can be accomplished by, among other things, sipping on a potion made from three (3) different types of herb roots, plus parsley, every day for 6 weeks.

Kidney stones can be very painful and they can prevent the kidneys from functioning effectively. They are formed as our bodies attempt to neutralize accumulated toxins.

Our bodies make eight (8) or more different types of kidney stones. The ones associated with sharp, stabbing pain are not stones at all. They are sharp crystals made as your body attempts to neutralize oxalic acid.

In an attempt to eliminate this extremely vicious acid, your body first neutralizes it with calcium to make calcium oxalate. Your kidneys can keep a bit of calcium oxalate in them, but not much. The excess hardens into crystals.

A glass of regular or iced tea (herb or green tea is okay) contains approximately 20 mg. of oxalic acid. This is far too much for the kidneys to be able to excrete. Therefore, much of the oxalic acid from the tea is converted into sharp crystals. Over time, these crystals accumulate and result in sharp pain in the kidneys.

The first step to take to begin getting rid of kidney stones and the sharp, stabbing pain caused by them is to stop drinking tea. Chocolate is also very high in oxalic acid. One should never drink it as a beverage, as in hot chocolate or cocoa. Children, especially, with their young, delicate kidneys, should never drink hot chocolate or tea.

Individuals with kidney stones should drink lots of water. They may also drink milk and freshly-made vegetable and fruit juices.

Some kidney stones are formed because too many phosphates are consumed in the diet. Our high-phosphate foods are meats, grains, and carbonated beverages. If you consume a lot of these, you might consider cutting back on them. Eat more fish, vegetables, fruit, etc.

One of the side effects of having deposits in your kidneys is lower back pain. This only makes sense because the kidneys are located near the lower back. By cleansing your kidneys of all of the deposits they have accumulated, you can also eliminate your lower back pain.

To obtain comprehensive, step-by-step information for properly conducting a 6-week kidney cleanse, you can go to my website, Dr. Hulda Clark Consultant, and click on the Cleansing Information page. To keep your kidneys functioning optimally, you should perform the 6-week cleanse twice a year.

Unfortunately, kidney stones can reappear if the same problem items are consumed. Be very vigilant not to consume these items, especially black tea and chocolate.