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A Component of Laundry Bleach Found in Drinking Water Is Integral to All Cancer Formations-Dr. Hulda Clark

21 May

Dr. Hulda Clark was a remarkable scientist. She discovered that everything in existence emits a unique radio frequency or range of radio frequencies by which it can be identified. The new method of analysis she pioneered using that discovery is many thousands of times more sensitive and accurate than anything used by other scientists today.

Using this information, Dr. Clark identified the major causes of many diseases. The one she spent the bulk of her time researching was cancer. Over time, Dr. Clark discovered that cancer is a very complicated disease because it is caused by a number of factors connected to and dependent upon each other.

When Dr. Clark discovered one of the causes of cancer early on, she wrote a book about it and about curing cancer. It was entitled “The Cure For All Cancers.” It was published in 1993.

The first of the factors she discovered was a parasite which lodges itself in the livers of cancer victims. She developed a natural method for exterminating the parasite and curing cancer. However, sometimes the parasite was difficult to exterminate. In addition, the extermination of the parasite did not guarantee that the tumors or other aspects of the cancer would shrink and disappear. So she continued her research.

As she made more discoveries, she shared them in more books. In 1999, she published “The Cure For All Advanced Cancers.” In 2004, she published “The Prevention Of All Cancers.”

Also in 2004, Dr. Clark made another remarkable discovery by accident. It was that a specific radioactive element is one of the integral factors in the formation and development of all cancers. This discovery allowed her to ascertain each of the other integral factors that work in conjunction with each other to cause cancer.

One of those factors is a component of laundry bleach which is commonly found in drinking water. It is called potassium ferrocyanide.

Cancer is a very widespread disease. It is getting to the point that half of all people throughout the world will develop cancer. Dr. Clark realized that in order for it to be so widespread, one of its components must be in one of our necessities, either our air, our water, or our food. She discovered that it is in our water. But how does it get there?

The vast majority of our municipal drinking water is disinfected with chlorine gas. However as the chlorinated water makes it way to its destination, it loses some of its chlorination. So municipalities are allowed to supplement it with liquid chlorine. This usually happens at the last pump house before the water reaches its destination.

The liquid chlorine is supposed to be one which has been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). That type of liquid chlorine does not contain potassium ferrocyanide. However, many individuals are under the misconception that laundry bleach, which is another form of liquid chlorine, is the same thing as NSF chlorine. So they use it to disinfect the drinking water. Many private wells are also disinfected with laundry bleach. This is the primary method for a component integral to the formation of all cancers to get into our drinking water.

However, that is not the only way. Potassium ferrocyanide can also get into our drinking water via any water filters that may be attached to our water systems. Water filters are often disinfected with water which contains potassium ferrocyanide. TheseĀ  filters can contaminate all of the water that passes through them.

Water softening/conditioning salts are also often disinfected with laundry bleach water. Anyone with a water softening/conditioning system attached to their water system may also be acquiring potassium ferrocyanide.

Because water containing potassium ferrocyanide is widely used to process many of our foods and beverages, many of us are also acquiring it from these sources.

Laundry bleach also contains a couple of the other factors that are integral to the formation of all cancers. However, those factors are also available from many other sources. Potassium ferrocyanide is only widely available via laundry bleach.

To greatly reduce the incidence of cancer throughout the world, we should ensure that laundry bleach is not used to disinfect drinking water. Laundry bleach manufacturers should also stop adding potassium ferrocyanide to laundry bleach.