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How to Remove Gallstones (and Their Precursors) from Your Gallbladder and Liver Without Surgery!

12 May

Most of the following information was provided by Dr. Hulda Clark, PhD., N.D.

Did you know that you can remove gallstones and their precursors from your gallbladder and your liver without surgery? It’s true. According to Dr. Clark, individuals have been successfully doing this for centuries. Dr. Clark did not take credit for inventing that procedure, but she believed that she perfected it.

The following is a description of how a gallbladder functions. A substance called bile is produced in the liver. Bile assists in the digestion of fat and protein. It is stored in the gallbladder, which is connected to the liver via the common bile duct. After you eat fat or protein, the gallbladder squeezes bile into the common bile duct where it travels to the intestine to aid in the digestion of it.

In addition to being a major component of your digestive system, your liver is also your body’s most important cleansing organ. Parasite and pathogen remnants (after they have been exterminated by your immune system) and toxins are regularly transported to the liver by your vascular system (blood) and by your lymphatic system (lymph).

Most of the toxins and parasite and pathogen remnants which have been transported to the liver by the blood and lymph are sent into the digestive tract for elimination. However, scientists have discovered that some bacteria become encapsulated in the liver instead, forming little soft balls. Because the coatings of these little balls are sticky, they often clump together. Over time, these balls can calcify and harden and then become stones. After they do, they can be detected on x-ray scans.

These balls and stones can clog many of the bile ducts located in the liver, thereby reducing its effectiveness. They can also clog the common bile duct and the gallbladder, thus preventing it from functioning effectively.

A relatively common remedy these days for a clogged gallbladder is to have the gallbladder surgically removed! That seems like an extremely drastic measure to take, especially when one considers the fact that removal of the gallbladder does nothing to address the formation of the balls and stones in the liver in the first place. The balls and stones form because of all of the toxins and pathogens which have been transported to the liver for elimination into the digestive system.

However, there is a relatively simple procedure for flushing gallstones and their precursors from your gallbladder. (Warning: the following is not the total procedure. It is only the highlights of it.)

First, pick a day (like a Saturday) where you can relax the following day. Then, do not eat any fat that whole day. In addition, do not eat anything after 1:00 pm.

At approximately 6:00 pm, you will drink some water with some Epsom salts in it. This will relax the bile ducts in your liver. It will also act as a laxative. Then around 8:00 pm, you will drink more water with Epsom salts in it.

Then around 10:00 pm, you will drink a mixture of pink grapefruit juice and olive oil and go directly to bed. The mixture will cause your liver and gallbladder to expel some of the gallstones and/or their precursors from your gallbladder and liver.

At around 6:00 am, you will drink more water with Epsom salts in it. At around 8:00 am, you will drink more.

A number of times throughout the morning, you will have diarrhea. When you look in the toilet bowl, you will also see many gallstones and their precursors floating in the toilet. They traveled from your liver and gallbladder through your digestive system. Unfortunately, this is not all that you have to do in order to remove all of the gallstones and their precursors from your liver and gallbladder.

Your liver has many bile ducts running through it. Within these bile duct could be thousands of small stones and their precursors. In order to thoroughly flush them out of your liver, you will have to perform this procedure a number of times. However, you should not perform it any more frequently than every two (2) weeks. This will allow stones or their precursors that are deeper in the liver to move closer to the common bile duct.

In addition, your should not perform a liver flush until you have successfully completed Dr. Clark’s 6-week kidney cleanse. This is so you will not overburden the kidneys with toxins and other waste that is being flushed out of the liver. You should also not perform a liver flush until you have exterminated any parasites that may be residing in your liver using Dr. Clark’s Parasite Cleanse. (And there probably are parasites residing in there.) Parasites residing in your liver will prevent the liver flush from being effective.

After you have flushed approximately 2000 stones and their precursors from your gallbladder and liver, your liver will be functioning much more effectively. Cleansing your liver of all of that unwanted material will also greatly improve your digestion. The liver flush is one of the most beneficial things that you can do improve your general health and well-being.

After you have removed that many stones and their precursors from your gallbladder and liver, any allergies that you had will also disappear. This is because as your body’s major cleansing organ, your liver is supposed to remove anything that is making you allergic. However if your liver is clogged, it cannot function properly.

Another fringe benefit of removing that many stones and their precursors from your gallbladder and liver is that any upper back, shoulder (bursitis), or upper arm pain will also disappear. A clogged liver is typically responsible for causing all of those pains.

To keep your liver functioning optimally, a series of liver flushes should be performed twice a year. Continue each series until your liver is not expelling any more stones or their precursors.

For more information on properly conducting Dr. Clark’s liver flushes, you can go to Dr. Hulda Clark Consultant.